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    Monster Hunter USB game pad

    Monster Hunter USB game pad
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    Product Name:Monster Hunter USB game pad
    Product Number:KMA-929
    Product Class:PC Accessories
    The best choice for playing Monster Hunter online game.
    More function key-setting is easy to enjoy hunter feel
    Monster Hunter game pad is a ergonomic design pad, it is best method
    to control game, it can realize best game environment. every user can
    enjoy the feel of control and playing game, let us begin hunter in game.
    Connecting,Using After connect monster hunter pad, it can be
    recognized as keyboard,mouse,stick,it can receive three types signal,it is different from joytokey program,
    it use patent program: TripleMapper, so it can play now without any other program.
    USing hard hunter pad can enjoy more feel of hunter game
    Stronger can be alive! Just select Monster Hunter game pad
    It is a simple method to change vibration mode,
    It is a new function with usb game pad.
    User can change vibration mode when playing game
    Use function of F1~F12 keys,, user can click the left down shortcut key, it can
    open a function-setting window, Monster Hunter game pad is default setted.
    Monster Hunter game pad is a professional game pad
    for all pc online game
    It is important to control all function in game pad!
    User can enjoy real hunter life that it can not realized by keyboard.
    It can work on any os in pc,Joytokey can work on vista.
    Monster hunter game pad can support any operation system,
    such as window XP, Vista etc, User can play game right
    now without any driver.
    Monster Hunter online games and all pc online game can be supported
    All keys can be setted as game option list by Triple Mapper program,
    After applying set file,
    user begin to enjoy game right now!

    ▶ Drag & Drop 드래그 앤 드랍 방식

    All the buttons and keys of Triple Mapper™ are imagery and you can use your
    mouse to drag and drop to set the keys

    ▶ IMAGE VIEWER 이미지 뷰어 방식

    This provides the identical arrangement of button images to the real controller
    on the program and displays the set pattern by image viewer for your convenience.

    ▶ REAL TIME 리얼타임 시스템

    This displays set pattern by image viewer in real time and it can be checked and
    modified on spot


    It immediately runs without the controller slotted in USB terminal and
    you can create profiles and check them on spot.

    ▶ MOUSE 마우스 입력

    All the buttons and functions of mouse can be inputted to the controller
    by drag and drop.

    ▶ PROFILE 프로파일

    You can create a special game pad unique to yourself by using Triple Mapper™.
    Created and stored profiles are usable at any time and the profiles can be modified.

    ▶ MODE KEY 모드키 (68개까지 키 확장)

    If you choose mode button, the number of buttons on controller are increased to 68.
    You can enjoy the game using a number of buttons with this function.


    For all the buttons of controller, five buttons can be pressed simultaneously. Multi access
    Controller For all the buttons of controller, five buttons can be pressed simultaneously.


    You can enjoy the game connecting 8 controllers to the maximum. But this can be only
    Used for the product group of GAMMAC using Triple Mapper.

    ▶ VIBRATION 진동기능 지원

    For the game providing vibration, the vibration function can be checked for any
    malfunction through Triple Mapper vibration test and it gives more realistic
    experience of vibration.