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    GAMMAC™ is a brand specializing in game peripherals built by korean young talents with original and multiple ideas for game products.
    As the compound word made up of GAME and MAC. The vision of GAMMAC™ is to carry on the charms of the peripherals used by arcade machines and video games onto PC online games.
    Through a year of effort. Triple Mapper ™ was invented and the WICON gamepad was built to be possible for operation right after the USB connection without the need of additional software for all window systems OS(98,me,2000,XP,Vista.etc) used on PC.
    With the development completion of Firmware application which recognizes the keyboard, mouse and joystick all together, it has gained the success in system reclamation of other peripherals through the technology that no other company can compare to.
    By using Triple Mapper™ for key setting. It will be possible to use the joystick and joypads on all PC games including the domestic and international online games and PC games that were not compatible in the past.
    It is the incredible GAMMAC™ world's first 1:1 game exclusive controller WICON. Triple 2.0 Product which is a PC online game user friendly control joystick / pad built for PC rooms and households, that makes it possible to connect & play to all games easily just by carrying the controller.
    Setting the basic motto as "FUN-FUN" or "to make the game more enjoyable" from the players point of view, all of our executives and employees are putting all sides such as design, convenience and compatibility.

    We will work harder for the players to gain greater excitement and fun through the game peripheral devices that work as the connecting link to the virtual reality world from the real world.